Weekly Intuitive – 2/19-2/25/18 – Monkey

In this video, Lisa connects with the energy of the monkey to bring us our weekly intuitive reading.  The monkey is agile and quick.  They swing through the trees and need to be flexible as to which exact branch they grab and even, sometimes, the general direction in which they travel.  Their world can change quickly and they must be able to flow with that change.

As humans, we like to set our path and stay on it in, often, a very strict manner.  This, however, only limits us and does not allow us to move with the universal energy.  Every wild animal simply has to move with this energy or it will not survive.  Although we can still survive if we resist, our lives will be much easier if we learn how to adjust quickly and grab the best branch instead of the branch that we had intended on.

This experience gave me closure I never imagined was possible. Lisa has a beautiful gift connecting and really changed my experience having to put my dog to sleep, which was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Thank you!
Allison Papesh

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