Weekly Intuitive – 3/26-4/1/18 – Lion

Weekly Intuitive

In this video, Lisa connects with the spirit of the Lion to bring a general message for the upcoming week.

Lions represent courage.  They are regal and in control of their landscape.  They take pride in what they own and have.  But they must do this from a place of courage and not fear.  Courage is different than fearlessness as it demands that fear be faced.

This week, the lion wants us to take courage into our lives and ask specifically for what we want.  Take a moment this week to decide exactly what you want and write it down.

Then, you are in the position to be able to ask for it.  If you do not get what you want, at least you asked.  But if you never ask, then you will never know.



Animal Communication Slide 2

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Animal communication allows you the opportunity to "get into their heads". Learn how they think and feel and understand what they need. Animal communication can also create a deeper bond between owner and pet by opening the door of communication and understanding.

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