Weekly Intuitive – 4/2-4/8/18 – Bear

Weekly Intuitive

Lisa Holbrook connects with the energy of the bear to bring a message for this week.  

We are in the beginning of spring, as the bears begin to come out of hibernation and seek food.  The bear talks about his anxiety for finding as much food as he can very soon.  

We can exhibit this when we also have our eyes set on something and want it to happen as soon as possible.  While this energy can be good to ensure the tasks gets completed, it can also be too filled with that anxious nature and can actually cause more harm that good.

If a bear goes looking for food with too much intensity, he will burn too many calories and actually do himself harm.

“Where is the happy medium”, asks the bear.

The happy medium is by keeping your energy going yet not allowing it to consume you.

About Lisa

About Lisa Holbrook and her animal communication

I have always been in love with animals. As a young child, I could communicate with animals and would often have lengthy conversations with them. I would spend my entire day with my horse, dog, and cat in complete harmony and love.

From the perspective of the innocent, talking to animals was completely normal. However, as I aged I began to suppress this skill as I understood it to be childlike. For many years I went on continuing this belief. I had a desire to help them but couldn’t find a career that felt complete and true to my soul.

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