Weekly Intuitive – 5/21-5/28/18 – Moth

Weekly Intuitive

This week, Lisa Holbrook connects with the energy of the moth.  Moths can be sporadic and unpredictable in their flight path.  Oftentimes, it doesn’t seem like they have any clue as to where they are going or their final destination.

They are an air sign which can make them flighty and always wanting the brightest light bulb even if the one that they are at serves them well.

This week we are asked to look at where we are right now instead of looking to “greener” pastures.  Acknowledge the path you are on and the benefits of where you are.

Try to avoid being flighty and unpredictable.  Ground out some of the air and come to peace with your journey.  Find fulfillment and gratitude for every moment of your life.  As you allow your life to unfold, it will do so in an effortless way.


About Lisa

Lisa has always been in love with animals. As a young child, she could communicate with animals and would often have lengthy conversations with them. But once entering her teenage years, she suppressed her skills as “not normal”

After becoming an Animal Physical therapist through the College of Animal Physiotherapy in England, her intense “knowing” returned and she began to receive information from the animals that she worked on.

She began to pass on the information to her clients and was pleasantly surprised by their response.

She truly believes that this is her soul’s purpose in life. To help animals by communicating their needs to their beloved owners. Through this process, a level of clarity and understanding is reached that is deeply rooted in love and respect.


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