Schedule with Us

Sessions can be conducted by phone or in-person.

Phone sessions offer the same connection and detail that in-person sessions do and sometimes work better as there are less distractions. We can connect by phone or by Skype (generally for international clients).

How a Phone Session Works

In-person sessions are subject to a travel fee, are available only in the Denver & surrounding areas, and have less availability for scheduling due to travel time etc. If you are in Colorado and would like an in-person session, please feel free to contact me as we might be able to set up a day in your area.

I communicate with any species, domestic or wild, living or passed.

Work with Lisa Holbrook and her Animal Communication Sessions - 1


phone sessions – please use the Acuity scheduler above.

in-person sessions – you may use the Acuity scheduler above (subject to confirmation based on location) or you may contact me directly.


Phone sessions – payment is required in advance of consultations. I accept payment through Paypal. You can pay when you make the appointment through Acuity. (please note that you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal; only a credit card is necessary)

In-person sessions – you can pay at the time of the session via check/money order or by PayPal or Venmo.

Discounted rates are available for multiple sessions packages. See Here.

First-Time Clients

Work with Lisa Holbrook and her Animal Communication Sessions - 2I require the first session to be either a 60 minute or 90 minute consultation in order to have adequate time to connect, learn the animal’s history and relevant information, and address concerns. After the initial session, clients can follow up with a 30 minute or longer session.
Session Time Allowances

30-minute consultations: For established clients who have had an initial 60 or 90 minute consultation only

60-minute consultations: 1-2 animals, addressing larger issues or several shorter questions/issues

90-minute consultations: 2+ animals, and/or deeper issues with a few animals, or a single animal

Confidentiality and Ethics Policy

Each animal communication session is completely private and confidential. I am bound by the same confidentiality ethics as any medical, health, or spiritual professional. I will only release information upon the request of the person that I am working directly with.

I require the permission of the caretaker of the specific animal in order to communicate with them. In most cases, this is the animal’s’ primary guardian and, usually, this is the person who is requesting the consultation. If you are requesting the consultation for an animal that is not in your care/custody, please contact me directly. This does not pertain to wild animals as they do not have human caregivers.

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care. I can sense where and how an animal is feeling discomfort and what, potentially, is going on physically, but I do not diagnose or treat medical problems. Please consult with your veterinarian about health concerns for your animal.